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ACCESS INQUIRY LIST JAPANESE A A About us Courses ResearchCenters Internationalexchange For currentstudents Cooperation About us Courses Research Centers International exchange For current students Access Cooperation HomeAbout usList of LaboratoryAnimal Microbiology Animal Science Animal Microbiology IntroductionAnimals including human beings live their healthy life through an interaction with microorganisms, particularly commensal bacteria. Advances in the healthcare technology and living environment are based on the life-science research of bacteria. The mechanism of bacterial life cycle and their living systems are the most profoundly understood among all living creatures. However, strategies of bacteria to cope with the environmental stress are still unknown. Our laboratory is interested in the bacterial metabolism and genetic systems to understand their responses to the environmental stresses including antibiotics, host-parasite interaction, and nutrient (amino acids) starvation. Profound understanding of the bacterial life system helps development of the ways to control pathogenic bacteria. Keywords Control of microbial infection, Antibiotics, Drug-resistance, Mutation, Microbial response to environmental stresses Staff Professor Hiroshi YONEYAMAAssociate Professor Ryuta TOBEAssistant Professor Tasuke ANDO 468-1 Aramaki Aza Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-8572, Japan TEL. +81-22-757-4003 FAX. +81-22-757-4020 ©Tohoku University Graduate School of Agricultural Science / Faculty of Agriculture

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